The Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Task Group was formed in light of the special considerations needed when working with mood disorder patients under the age of 18. While this demographic can present unique challenges, the reward in helping children overcome emotional and mental adversities is enormous. During meetings the Task Group reviews the latest research in the field of child psychiatry, shares clinical advice, and discuses collaborative project ideas.

OSU IRB Approval #2019B0017 Behavioral and Social Sciences Institutional Review Board


Study Number: 2019B0017
Study Title: Does Ongoing Assessment Aid Treatment?
Type of Review: Initial Submission
Review Method: Expedited
Date of IRB Approval: 03/14/2019
Date of IRB Approval Expiration: 03/14/2020
Expedited category: #7

Dear Mary Fristad,

The Ohio State Behavioral and Social Sciences IRB APPROVED the above referenced research.

In addition, the following were also approved for this study:

Children (permission of one parent sufficient)
Waiver of Parental Permission Documentation
Waiver of Consent Documentation

As Principal Investigator, you are responsible for ensuring that all individuals assisting in the conduct of the study are informed of their obligations for following the IRB-approved protocol and applicable regulations, laws, and policies, including the obligation to report any problems or potential noncompliance with the requirements or determinations of the IRB. Changes to the research (e.g., recruitment procedures, advertisements, enrollment numbers, etc.) orinformed consent process must be approved by the IRB before implemented, except where necessary to eliminate apparent immediate hazards to subjects.

This approval is issued under The Ohio State University’s OHRP Federalwide Assurance #00006378 and is valid until the expiration date listed above. Without further review, IRB approval will no longer be in effect on the expiration date. To continue the study, a continuing review application must be approved before the expiration date to avoid a lapse in IRB approval and the need to stop all research activities. A final study report must be provided to the IRB once all researchactivities involving human subjects have ended.

Records relating to the research (including signed consent forms) must be retained and available for audit for at least 5 years after the study is closed. For more information, see university policies, Institutional Data and Research Data. Human research protection program policies, procedures, and guidance can be found on the ORRP website.

Daniel Strunk, PhD, Chair
Ohio State Behavioral and Social Sciences IRB


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